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For some reasons I fail to remember, I got obsessed with native American music. In the wonderful waves of the net I found websites, blogs and pages about native American communities and their work to keep their traditions and languages alive. I think this is how I got closer to my aim: finding examples of native American traditional music.

May I introduce you to one of my historical heroine?


Listen to Wawahi No-otz here

Endurance: Libri Finti Clandestini's unique homage

The blue and white badge of The Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) sits on my bedside table.

The Polar Museum in Cambridge (part of SPRI) is fantastic. As soon as the visitor steps in the Memorial Hall a.k.a. the entrance, is welcomed by mosaic floor and painted ceiling domes depicting the North and South Pole. Our hearts pumping, palms sweating. It’s time to go in

Cats, I Ching and Double Bass

I enter his studio and I find a cat in the double bass case “I want to have a picture with myself and all my instruments in height order” Luca says. I sit nicely waiting for his attention then I fire my first question.

When did you start writing music and what were your early influences?