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was born in 2012 from the collaboration with double bass player Luca Pissavini. We have released FUWAH and FUWAH Songs under Setola di Maiale and BUNCH Records. We have now fully welcomed Filippo Cozzi (saxophone) and Fabrizio Carriero (drums) to become a quarter. New music is coming, stay tuned.

Album cover by Andrea Marconi

Video by Arianna Meschia

We are about to release our first album as a four people band. We have visited Nektar Island radio show to share few unreleased tracks. To have a little preview of our new material. Listen to the show below

FUWAH Songs concentrates on songs and poems in different languages.

FUWAH is an exploration of our own instruments composed in the moment from an idea of words in various languages.

FUWAH on air