I love being involved in as many interesting projects as possible. These are some of my favourites.

Parasang is a weekly night of live improvisation led by Iranian sound artist, Pouya Ehsaei (Ariwo / Entr'acte / Zabte Sote) and curated by himself and MANANA//Records founder, Harry Follett. Each show is a one-off collaboration exploring the diversity of the city's musical communities through electronic music. I have been part of Parasang 8 with Maurizio Ravalico and Idris Rahman.

Parasang 8


The Mandarin Rap Podcast project joins the two things I love the most: singing and Mandarin. 马老师 a.k.a. Adam Moorman called me up one day and said: "you speak Chinese and sing, do you wanna rap in Chinese?" YESSS! The project aims to be an educational tool to improve spoken Chinese. I wrote one rap so far and choruses to all the other raps. Listen to our podcast.

Constellation // A Watch of Nightingales

I have lent my voice to a wonderful project by artist Kate Keara Pelen called "Constellation // A Watch of Nightingales" that comprises a collection of over 100 badges from the former Nightingale Training School at St Thomas’ Hospital. To accompany the display, Kate Keara Pelen interviewed many students, nurses and academics to create a spoken soundtrack, weaving together complementary viewpoints and oral histories into a rich and nuanced chorus.

In Chapter 7/8 - Light to dark; first breath to last I join forces with a nurse that was asked by a patient to sing Che farò senza Euridice. Have a listen to some wonderful and moving stories.

If I were you

I opened the catwalk by fashion designer Eiko Yoshizumi performing Maria Vatenina's composition about Diana Vreeland written for this occasion. 

Animal Choir

On February 23rd I sang as part of Animal Choir at 1 Silver Road aka The Water Tank. The choir was directed by Conny Prantera. Check us out on Resonance 104.4fm show by Robbie Judkins.

Le Collectif International Des Improvisateurs 

I sing as part of Le Collectif. It is an improvisation ensemble focused on enabling a radical, immersive, audience empowering performance.

Opera Machine

It is a project directed by Steve Tiller and Andrew Charity. I have been part of two productions in which the cast comprised an international ensemble of professional singers, refugees and migrants.

In 2010 and 2011 I was the narrator, with singing and acting roles in both English and Mandarin Chinese, in The Secret Consul.

In 2012 in Finding Butterfly I was part of the chorus with both singing and acting roles.